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Aaron Christy

“I wanted to get in front of people, and I did not have the knowledge that I needed.”

Aaron joined our marketing training program to access our proven, industry-specific, step-by-step process for geo-targeting neighborhoods with ads, creating engaging videos, and creating a predictable pipeline.

Eric Richardson

Thanks to Joseph and Contractor Dynamics, I have finally figured out how to dial my FB ads in and actually get leads, like instantly. I would recommend his program to any roofer, large or small.

Travis Carter

A fast-growing roofing company with 3 locations, Pro Roofing has a robust canvassing and door-knocking system. They are now able to also generate inbound leads and appointments from the video ads they run in select neighborhoods.

Ryan Groth

Ryan Groth of Sales Transformation Group shares his insights on the importance of building a predictable marketing machine to complement your predictable selling machine.

Alpha One Exteriors

I love every aspect of it…I’ll preach it until the day I die because of the results we’ve gotten. Alpha one highly recommends Contractor Dynamics in all aspects.

Ethan Andes

I can’t even calculate how much money we have made from this program. It really works. You have to apply yourself. You have to do the work. But if you get in the habit, it’s easy money.

Dan Young

One of the best things I ever did was connect with Joseph & Contractor Dynamics to build our marketing.

Larry Richards

We had to shut the ads off within 10 days just because I simply didn’t have the capacity to keep up with the volume of leads that were coming in. I would 100% recommend unless you’re scared of net profit.

Paul Perez

Paul and his team produce some awesome organic (unpaid) content. But he knew there was a piece he was missing. From our training, he’s been able to implement that missing piece (the paid ads) and within a couple weeks is generating leads and appointments for his team.

Geremiah Gilliland

From being skeptical about marketing to having a record sales year. Geremiah was a believer after he ran a simple cell phone video ad and got 23 roof replacement jobs from it.

Stephen Hood

Went from being a sales rep to starting his own roofing company. Implemented our digital sales training and got a 20-30X ROI within a few months.

Connor Rodich

Connor understands the importance of understanding and executing marketing as a holistic approach – high level strategy + in the weeds tactics.

“If you’re looking in other places, look no further. Make sure you’re taking action with Joseph Hughes and start working with him today.”

Josh Gray

Josh was very uncomfortable posting on social media, but then he just started following our training, and trusting the process. In the first 30-45 days, he got 15-20 residential contracts, a 75 square slate roof, and one commercial project.



Rapid Restore

Hail Trace

Holly Hinkle

Bill Crook

Hoel Roofing

Joshua Gardner

Doug Martin

Phil – Total Roofing System

Kaleb Lyles

Chris Carr

Lee Lipniskis

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