Stephen Hood

Went from being a sales rep to starting his own roofing company. Implemented our digital sales training and got a 20-30X ROI within a few months.

Connor Rodich

Connor understands the importance of understanding and executing marketing as a holistic approach – high level strategy + in the weeds tactics. “If you’re looking in other places, look no further. Make sure you’re taking action with Joseph Hughes and start working with him today.”

Josh Gray

Josh was very uncomfortable posting on social media, but then he just started following our training, and trusting the process. In the first 30-45 days, he got 15-20 residential contracts, a 75 square slate roof, and one commercial project.

Jay Miller

You have to find experts in those fields who have insights as to what is actually working and why it’s working. It’s been a really good learning experience for our entire team.

Angelica Brager

Angelica is the Director of Marketing for Young Construction. She collaborates with ownership and with the sales team to produce marketing campaigns that enable their sales team to close more appointments for more profit.

Hunter Ballew

From Day 1, Hunter has invested in digital and social media marketing to build a recognizable brand in the markets they serve. He doesn’t want his sales teams going into appointments cold. Their marketing creates brand awareness, warm appointments, and profitable contracts.

Nick Forsell

Nick had to put his marketing on pause because his sales team was overwhelmed with appointments and estimates. He has gone from one location to operating in several states.

Lindsey Pate

Lindsey is the Marketing Director for a fast-growing roofing company in the Midwest. She joined our training program her first week on the job, and her “team-based marketing” approach has had a big impact on the company’s growth.

Roque Ortiz

Roque is a student! He consistently publishes videos and photos from his jobs, provides valuable content for realtors and property owners, and gets several inquiries for his services daily.

Jim Klingbiel

Consistency is key for Jim and his team. They got out of their comfort zones, started producing videos, and immediately saw their inbound leads increase as a result. Jim is an example of an owner who is not front and center on their videos, as their sales guys have embraced the opportunity!