I want to share with you my powerful training that will help you grow your business with the proven skills I’ve learned over the past decade advertising construction companies in the nation’s most competitive markets.

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  • Learn the ten critcal steps that will set you up for digital advertising success
  • 191 help you recognize who your buyers are on Facebook and not just get a bunch of “likes”
  • Discover the 9 mental triggers that compells FB users to become leads
  • Hear my secret sauce for creating money-getting ads quickly

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Who Am I?

I’m Joe Hughes, an industry award-winning marketer, 2020 Win The Storm “Best Marketing” recipient, 4th generation family construction company (barges instead of buildings), and owner of Contractor Dynamics.

For over 7 years, I’ve led digital marketing campaigns for construction companies all across the nation. My team and I developed a system for generating consistent repeatable business for our clients. I’ve packaged that system into the Dynamics Accelerator, a marketing training service for construction companies..