123. How To Grow a Roofing Company Without A Marketing Budget

Dec 29, 2022

What does it take to build a 100% Referral-Based Roofing Company?

Would it be cool to get an inbound phone call or message every single day from a prospective client who has heard so many great things about you and wants to work with you?

That’s the reality that Heather Hitchcock has built in just a couple short years.

Heather’s energetic passion is contagious! So this episode should kick you into gear!

Tune In to Learn:

  • How Heather went from a goal of 1 roof per month to doing 2-4 per week
  • How she has already broken into commercial and multi-family roofing
  • How she “finds” people to join her on her mission
  • Her not-so-secret top marketing strategy
  • How she has become “5-Mile-Famous” in her market in a very short period of time
  • How she is Delegating & Elevating in order to build a STRONG company

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