153. Grow Your Contracting Business By Winning The War Between Your Ears

May 05, 2023

This episode Is a masterclass in building and growing a successful contractor business.

Tom Reber has decades of experience as a contractor, coach, and training company owner.

Tune In To Learn:

  • Why Tom wakes up every day and goes to war with what’s between his ears.
  • Why most people will always be limited in their success
  • Accidental Brilliance
  • Why it’s important to own your crap (and also your greatness)
  • Why vulnerability is actually a strength in business
  • Why business is only a part of what Tom and his team help their clients with
  • Self-Awareness as a key ingredient for success
  • Working hard isn’t your problem. _____ is.
  • What Tom means when he says you’re stealing from your family
  • The risk of focusing on our business too much
  • The misconception about selflessness
  • Most of issues that we all have are Friendly Fire
  • Why your customers F with you, and how to put an end to it
  • “Sell like you’re independently wealthy, and market like your next meal depends on it.”
  • How to calculate your gross profit and break even targets
  • Why it’s important to position yourself in a category of 1
  • What Sell Unafraid really means
  • The 2 most important words in business
  • How specializing your services can turbo-charge your growth
  • The important thing to do before you scale (if you don’t, it will hold you back)
  • How to apply the ‘Small Hinges Swing Big Doors’ philosophy to growing your contracting business
  • The question to ask yourself if you really want to have an impact in your business and your life
  • Why it’s CRITICAL to have a proven process, share it with your prospects, and stick to it.
  • Why your attachment to trying to be good at everything is holding you back.
  • How good marketing makes your sales much easier and more profitable.
  • How to look at your marketing in terms of an investment and not an expense.
  • You say you’re doing it from your family, but are you in reality stealing from your family?
  • One of the fastest and most effective ways to build more trust with your market.
  • Tom and Joe’s tips for figuring out the whole ‘Work-Life Presence’ question.
  • You prioritize your customers. But do you prioritize your family?
  • How Tom creates space to continue to have an impact on so many people.

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