154. Create A Strong Foundation Before You Grow Your Roofing Company

May 29, 2023

Too many roofing companies come out of the gate focused only on sales.

The result is that they’re able to grow their revenue very quickly, but they don’t have a solid business foundation that enables them to deliver consistent, high-quality results and make a healthy profit.

Lee Lipniskis started her roofing company, Levello Construction, by building a strong foundation first.

She focused on things like her vision, core values, EOS, brand, and marketing messaging.

One year in, and her business is very successful. Now, she is starting to focus more on sales, knowing that she can deliver on the high-quality product and client experience that her clients deserve.

Some people view roofing companies as a commodity. But when you focus on client experience, really being a trusted advisor, and providing concierge service, you can easily differentiate yourself as the only roofing company your ideal client desires to do business with.

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