17. Insider Shares How to Grow a Roofing Business

Oct 15, 2020

Get the inside scoop on how to grow a roofing business.

Dan Patrick, Enrollment Specialist at Contractor Dynamics, is in a unique position to share what makes a roofing business successful.

Learn best practices for business owners in the roofing industry. Our guest has spoken with countless roofing companies, as well as working in the business himself. Today he shares which roles successful owners play inside their companies.

Joe and Dan will go into why you NEED to track your numbers. This information is vital to your marketing success. As Dan says, he can tell whether a marketer is doing a good job or not solely based on the numbers.

Tracking numbers isn’t all you need to know, though. Having a brand can separate you from cookie cutter roofing companies. Your messaging, your ads need to stand out from the competition. Find out more in Joe’s conversation with Dan.

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