21. How to Build a Roofing Company That Doesn’t Own You

Dec 04, 2020

This roofing company owner is done with his work day by 9:30 AM each day.

Eric Richardson may have dropped out of high school, but he’s one of the smartest roofing company owners I’ve met.

Listen in to this in-depth interview to learn:

  • How starting with the end in mind helps you build a business that doesn’t own you.
  • How you can spend just a handful of hours per week to generate your own leads (Eric generates about 60 inbound leads per week)
  • How to sell value instead of price
  • How to get off the roof and out of the truck so you can actually run your business

Most roofing company owners never get off the roof and out of the truck. Thus, they’re always in a state of hustle and grind – trying to get off the hamster wheel, but trapped by what they have created.

Eric da Roofer has a refreshing take on running a contracting business. Tune in and take notes!

Eric Richardson
Roofing Specialists of San Diego