23. How to Create Leaders and Scale Your Roofing Company

Jun 11, 2021

Linear Roofing & General Contractors have built a market-leading roofing company in just a few short years. How have they done it?
Kirt Linington left a 20-year career in the fitness industry to start a roofing company, and now Linear Roofing has over 120 sales reps in multiple states.
Kirt generously shares some of his insights on the following topics:
✔ When he knew it was time to go #ALLIN to the roofing industry.
✔ His philosophy on expanding to multiple markets.
✔ Linear’s BIG lesson when first trying out commercial roofing (it was not cheap!)
✔ Why most new roofing companies fail.
✔ How to build strong relationships with vendors and suppliers.
✔ How to attract and retain top talent.
✔ The referral strategy that very few roofing companies are even thinking about.
✔ His thoughts on building your personal brand vs. your company’s brand.
✔ Why you shouldn’t be so focused on selling.
✔ Why there’s no such thing as business problems.
✔ How to achieve work-life balance, including your relationship with your spouse and family.
✔ Where Kirt goes to get coaching and accountability.
✔ How to structure your company if you really want to diversify your services.
✔ Kirt’s #1 secret for business and personal success.

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