29. TikTok for Roofers

Jul 20, 2021

Should roofers be on TikTok? TJ McCormack, aka ‘Worlds Greatest Roofer‘ has built up a following of over 160,000 people in just 6 months. And he’s just getting started!

TJ is a roofing sales rep / project manager in Colorado. But he’s much more of a psychologist, in that he understands at a deep level how people think and act.

Tune into this behind-the-scenes interview and learn:
– Is TJ actually generating sales from TikTok?
– How much time does this roofer spend on TikTok each day?
– What’s his content strategy?
– What types of opportunities have opened up for TJ since he has built a following?
– What are the risks of being an influencer?
– What he recommends to anyone looking to build their brand on social media.

We are grateful to TJ for being so transparent in this interview, and not holding anything back.

TJ McCormack Worlds Greatest Roofer
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