31. Social Media for Roofing Companies | How to Create a Following

Jul 27, 2021

Learn how to leverage social media to grow your roofing company in this episode with Joseph Hughes and Jon Cater.

Jon is the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) for Alpha One Exteriors in Dayton OH and Dallas TX.

Drawing from his outside-roofing-industry experience, Jon shares some of his lightbulb ideas around what roofing companies can do to build strong brands, create engaging content, and become the go-to company in their local markets.

Few roofing companies are putting out as high quality video content as consistently as Alpha One.

So if you want to see what the pros are up to, this is a must watch.

We touch on:
– Facebook advertising
– Video creation
– Geo-targeting local areas
– Leveraging influencers
– Innovation in marketing and brand building
Jon Cater Alpha
One Exteriors

Joseph Hughes
Contractor Dynamics