34. Facebook Ads for Roofing Companies

Aug 05, 2021

Want to learn how to market your roofing company on social media more effectively?

If you’re looking to crack the code on social media advertising, this video is for you 👍

In this video about roofing company marketing strategies, Joseph Hughes shares:

✅ The biggest misconceptions about Facebook Ads.
✅ What most roofing companies are doing wrong.
✅ What you need to do to have success with FB ads.
✅ The fastest path to success.
✅ How to DIY your marketing, collaborate with an outside marketer or agency, or do a hybrid approach.

What Joseph shares in this video is based on our team being in the trenches with our clients every day, helping them to create videos, craft attention-getting messages, and run their own sales-generating social media campaigns, lead-handling, and follow-up systems.

Drop a comment 👇 if you have specific questions on how to WIN with FB ads 🚀

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