4. Farming: How To Grow Leads In Any Economy

Jul 02, 2020

In any given market, there are about 3% of people ready to buy. There are another 7% who, under the right conditions, can be convinced to buy.

Nearly every roofing company focuses on these people. They compete with each other to get a fraction of a percent of this 10 percent of the market.

We call this hunting.

That leaves 90% of the market who aren’t ready to buy today or tomorrow. Maybe they won’t buy for another 3 years, but they will buy.

And this is where farming comes in.

If you prepare the land, plant and water the seeds, and tend to the crops as they grow, you’ll be able to harvest customers from the 90% for years to come.

Here’s the thing… every roof in your area will need to be repaired or replaced. Those empty lots you drive by… they’ll have buildings eventually.

The problem is you won’t know when they’ll be ready for harvest.
Real estate agents figured this out decades ago. Every house will get sold, but they had no idea when.

So they developed marketing systems to stay top-of-mind and tip-of-tongue. When someone was ready to buy or sell, they knew who they should call. If a friend was ready to buy or sell, they knew who to refer them to.

You have to take the same approach.

Listen to this episode with Joseph Hughes and Tim Conley to learn how to become a roof farmer.