Liquidscapes’ previous website was built in 2012, but looked much older than that. It was far from mobile-friendly and only took up a small portion of the screen. The text was difficult to read and the flow was not very user-friendly. Most importantly, however, is that Liquidscapes designs and builds very visual projects and they have over 4,000 photos of their work. The old site didn’t do a good job of showcasing the company’s beautiful work and range of projects.

The primary objective, beyond making the site design modern and mobile responsive, was to focus on Liquidscapes’ imagery. Howard is an avid photographer and shoots all of his own projects, so he has a library of amazing images to choose from. Further, every project tells a story, and Howard has an uncanny ability to remember seemingly every detail from every project his company has done. To that end, we developed a project gallery template that tells us a story of each project and highlights the challenges and unique solutions along the way.

Working with Joe was exceptionally easy, because he is very personable and professional to start. He is a good listener, takes a great deal of notes with every conversation we...

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