While the old site wasn’t horrible – and it certainly was colorful – it lacked the flexibility that allowed CET Painting to build upon it and to really make it an asset for the company. Additionally, most of the content was generic and not very compelling. Finally, the website did not offer much in terms of on-site optimization and the ability to turn up the dial in an attempt to drive more traffic to the site.

The new website is built on the WordPress content management system, if fully mobile responsive, and offers all of the flexibility that you would expect in a custom website. One main goal of the new site is to make it simple for users to navigate and ultimately take the next step to contact the company. To that end, there is a branded contact form on every page. Another goal of the site was to focus on reviews. When prospective clients are evaluating their options, one of the things they are looking for is trusted reviews. We really wanted to highlight these to build that level of trust.

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