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Our Accelerator program is the #1 Marketing Training Program in the Roofing Industry.

We’ve had startup roofers and $100 million roofing companies produce more leads while building powerful brands.

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Real Roofers. Real Results.
Geremiah, Good Roofing Co.

“I was on the fence about whether I should spend the money and join the program. But I’ve got $31,000 in deposit checks right here – we killed it this past week. These past couple weeks have been a huge change. It works! If you guys want somebody you can trust, hit up Contractor Dynamics.”

Jim, Advantex Restoration

“We’ve developed different videos and our sales guy Scott is doing really good with it. We’ve been drawing out more and more leads from it. It’s the wave of the future.”

Ready For
More Roofs?
Stephen, RC Roofing

“We’ve had a 20-30X Return on Investment from this program. Move forward with these guys immediately, so you’re building your brand for long-term success.”

Eric, D & M Roofing

“I never really knew how big the digital marketing portion of the business is…how important it is growing and scaling your company and staying relevant. If we don’t stay relevant, we die.”