How To Build a Strong Roofing Brand to Outperform
Your Competition and Own Your Market

If you own or manage a successful roofing company, and you’re always hungry to improve and grow, the series of videos below will give you a foundational understanding of how digital marketing really works and what you need to do to be successful with it.

The reality is that a lot of marketing doesn’t work due to a lack of understanding of the fundamentals. In today’s world, everything is moving at lightning speed and there are new tactics popping up every day. But the basics of marketing haven’t changed in decades. Too many companies get caught up in chasing the magic sales funnel and end up frustrated that it doesn’t work.

The videos below are not technically advanced. They contain the basic strategies we think every roofing company should know. After all, you can hire a marketing company to help you grow your business, but marketing needs to be a part of the fabric of your company – not something that is 100% outsourced.

Enjoy the videos below, the free resources, and the special offers at the bottom of this page…

The Impact of Digital Marketing on
Your Roofing Company

Marketing is about taking control of your business and the future growth of your business. If you want to build a remarkable company with the ability to grow year in and year out, both with new projects and new team members, your understanding and execution of digital marketing are going to be crucial.

If you don’t have control over your marketing, you’ll be at the mercy of those who are making the effort and the commitment in it.

Deep Dive: The Key Differences Between
Google & Facebook

Learn about the different digital marketing channels, including: Google AdWords, Pay Per Click (PPC), Google Maps, Organic, Facebook, Instagram, and More.

Learn the important distinction between Search and Social, and why understanding this critical difference is going to make or break your marketing campaigns.

We also discuss our recommend strategy for getting more of those lucrative commercial projects.

Digital Marketing vs. Buying Leads

Both Digital Marketing and Buying Leads can contribute to growing your roofing company. But if you are solely relying on buying leads, you’ll never have the control over your business that you need.

We discuss how a simple framework in the real estate industry can re-frame how you think about marketing your business.

Roofing is a high-ticket purchase. The companies who only focus on getting fresh prospects in the door are leaving a ton of opportunity on the table.

Why Brand Response
Marketing Is the Future

Brand Response Marketing is not a new strategy. It’s classic Direct Response Marketing with an element of Branding. And it’s what we believe roofing companies, or any company that provides a service for that matter, need to be using in order to differentiate and grow their businesses.

Savvy consumers buy roofs from companies they know. If you’re not known in your market, you’re a commodity. And when you’re a commodity, you risk being evaluated and shopped based on price rather than the value you provide. Learn how Brand Response Marketing works in this video.

How Does Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising might be one of the most widely known and misunderstood topics in the construction industry today. The truth is that it works fantastically well, but only with the right strategy.

Learn why most FB ads fail, why you shouldn’t worry that FB is getting more expensive, and why the right strategy is more like farming than hunting.

And if you’ve heard of the term “marketing funnel” before, but don’t really know what it’s all about, I break that strategy down in this video.

The Lead-Handling System
Every Roofing Company Needs

In this video, we outline the two key systems you should have in your business – Lead Handling and Follow-Up. While most companies are focused on selling a roof to people who are ready to buy today, the reality is that only a small percentage of people who inquire are ready to make a buying decision right now.

I also give some insight on a huge opportunity that most roofing companies are sitting on but not taking advantage of…are you?

Social Media Strategies of
Successful Roofing Companies

Learn the key question you need to ask yourself every time you hit “Publish” on a social media post!

And if you’re stumped on what to post on social to get the best engagement from your market, I walk through content examples that we use every day for our roofing clients’ advertising campaigns.

How To Maximize Your Relationship
With A Marketing Company

We’ve all worked with marketing experts or agencies in the past and have been less than satisfied with the results, right?!? In this video, I give you my best unbiased tips on how to have the most productive, mutually-beneficial relationship with a marketing company.

Learn the red flags that you need to look out for to ensure you’re not hiring a marketing company that doesn’t deserve your business.

When You Implement These Strategies,
Momentum Takes Over

There’s a lot of content on this page, and it can be overwhelming. But the reality is that marketing is critically important to the future success, or lack thereof, of your roofing company.

Unfortunately, most marketing solutions are sold as magic pills or get-rich-quick tactics. Marketing isn’t something that’s added on to your business as an afterthought – it should be baked into everything you do. Whether you’re looking to get more projects for your existing business, expand into new locations or services, or hire the best team members you can, marketing is your ticket.

The reality is that most marketing fails because it’s not rooted in strategy and it doesn’t sit on a strong foundation. You can experience unlimited success and have an awesome company if you approach marketing the right way, and put in the honest effort and commitment to make it work.

You deserve it. Your team deserves it. Your company deserves it.

What’s Next?

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