Why Is a Website So Important for Your Painting Business?

To start, a website is basically an interactive billboard that allows your prospective customers to learn more about your painting business whenever they want. If your website is designed and built right, it will generate valuable leads for you around the clock. Think about waking up every day to a list of interested customers.

When a potential consumer first hears about your business, the first thing they usually want to know is if your business provides fair and honest work, offers services that they are interested in and most importantly, what previous customers have said about your business. This is why it is so critical that your website have a customer reviews or testimonials page.

According to a study conducted recently, 82% of all online shoppers have just as much faith in online reviews as they do with personal referrals and recommendations. By making sure that your website is built with a customer reviews or testimonials page, potential customers will trust you before they even meet you.

Small businesses that have had success with word of mouth advertising and referrals may feel that a website is not necessary. Unfortunately they are mistaken. Even if word of mouth advertising and referrals have produced many leads for your business in the past, like mentioned above, a website is still a valuable tool, because it works to promote your painting business 24 hours a day.