Why Is a Website So Important for Your Remodeling Business?

Having a well-built website in today’s market is critical to running a successful remodeling company. Print flyers, cold calls and newspaper ads are just not as effective methods of marketing these days. Although they can generate some business, it is nothing compared to what a website and an online presence can do for your remodeling business.

So, why are websites so important? A website is basically an online billboard that works for your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Anytime a customer wants information about your business, they have access to it. Think about waking up in the morning, checking your email and seeing that you have received emails from potential customers wanting to know more about the services your business offers. That’s exciting, right?

When a customer first hears about your business, they are immediately going to do an online search for your website. Once they find your website, they want to learn more about your business to ensure it is legitimate, offers the quality services they are looking for and has received feedback from happy customers.

Did you know that a recent study showed that 82% of all online users rely on customer reviews just as much as they do personal recommendations? That’s right. If your business relies heavily on referrals and word of mouth advertising, integrating a website will only help your business succeed even more.

As mentioned above, a website gives potential customers access to your company information 24 hours a day and generates leads with little effort on your behalf. Some companies rely solely on third party lead generation sites to acquire leads. Although this can provide you with some business, once you quit making payments, the leads stop.

Another benefit to launching a website is the ability to reach a broad audience of people who have never even been referred to your company. When someone searches online for remodelers in your area, your website will be one of the search results that displays.