We’ve seen the power of marketing and advertising to rapidly grow businesses. For 8 years we’ve helped the roofing industry use our marketing “DNA” to grow their companies. We are focused on helping growth-minded companies create their own Brand DNA and create predictable growth.

Our clients turn into the most recognized brand in their market, take control of their pipeline by generating their own inbound leads, and confidently guide their growth.

Welcome to Contractor Dynamics.


Transform your business in 10 weeks with our proven digital marketing system that we developed over 8 years of marketing and advertising for the roofing industry.

Every day, our clients are booking hundreds of thousands in new jobs, from leads and appointment that they generate themselves.

If you’re ready to put a field-tested marketing system to work in your business, then book a call today.

What Our Clients Have To Say About FB Ads Mastery Training

“We killed it! Thanks to Joe and the guys at Contractor Dynamics, we are booking jobs like crazy.”

Geremiah Gilliland, Good Roofing Co

“We’ve already gotten our return on investment. Don’t wait a year like I did. Enroll now.”

Travis Carter, Pro Roofing & Restoration

“We’ve 30 times our investment into this [Accelerator] by learning social media and building our brand and dominating certain areas in Orlando.”

Stephen Hood, RC Roofing

“I never really knew how big the digital marketing portion of the business is…how important it is growing and scaling your company and staying relevant. If we don’t stay relevant, we die.”

Eric Oberembt, D&M Roofing

“We’ve developed different videos and our sales guy Scott is doing really good with it. We’ve been drawing out more and more leads from it. It’s the wave of the future.”

Jim Klingbiel, Advantex Restoration

“We were really unsure about the social media thing. We tried it. It works. We got about 20 residential houses off of it. That’s signed contracts. We got 1 slate roof and 1 commercial property, too.”

Josh Gray, Archway Contractors
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