How to Generate Consistent Sales from Social Media

Without Buying Leads or Hiring a Marketing Agency

Here's What You'll Learn:

The #1 Marketing Mistake contracting companies are making (and how a simple mindset shift fixes it forever).
Why buying and generating leads from people who don't know you is slowly killing your business.
A simple exercise that most contracting companies never go through (that causes them to feel like they're "stuck" forever)
How to create attractive offers that your ideal prospective clients actually care about.
The one obvious hole in every contracting company that's responsible for hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of lost revenue every year.
The secret to building a sales rep attracting machine so you can recruit and hire the best whenever you want.

Hey, I’m Joseph Hughes, founder of Contractor Dynamics and I’m about to give you some of my top secrets.


  • Whether you’re just starting out…
  • Whether you’re hungry to scale or expand
  • Whether you’re looking to crack that $10M mark…
  • Whether you’re gunning for $100M and beyond…

My team and I have worked with all categories of contracting companies over the past 8 years to help them add millions in revenue…

And I’ve extracted some of the top strategies that the top contracting companies employ…

Because I truly love to help people and companies LEVEL UP.

So, in this training, I show you how you can implement my simple 4-part system to generate clients and sales reps on demand – with consistency and predictability.  Because You CANNOT build the company and life you crave if you are:

  • trying a bunch of random things and hoping they work…
  • completely ignoring marketing because you’re ‘too busy’…
  • constantly chasing short-term tactics and shiny objects…


Titus: Fired his $5,000 a month marketing agency because they learned how to generate their own customers.

Josh: Contracted 20 roofs in his first 45 days after implementing this training.

Geremiah: Sold 23 roofs from a simple $100 iPhone video ad.

Stephen: Uses this system to get a 20-30X ROI for his growing roofing company.