Our Platinum Marketing Training Program is a 12-month, hands-on virtual engagement. Our program empowers residential roofing companies to take full control of their marketing, be in ‘the know,” and bring all marketing efforts in house versus relying on 3rd parties and being confused if marketing efforts are working. Our program teaches you to know your numbers, learn what’s important and discover how to get the best ROI month-over-month. We discover and teach our clients what works and what does not!

What is included?

  • A dynamic combination of consistent 1:1 training calls
  • Small group session training calls
  • 1:1 and group tailored business coaching
  • A community of contracting company owners and marketing managers that give advice on what is currently working for them and what isn’t
  • So much more…

Here is how the program works...


How Does This Marketing Training Program Work?

This is a 12-month marketing training program for growth-minded roofing companies. The individuals who join us are contracting company owners, marketing managers at residential roofing companies, or admin professionals who wear the marketing hat for 10+ hours per week (or who want to).

It’s a combination of 1:1 training, small group calls, a private online community, and a step-by-step digital and social marketing course.

On top of that, we provide small group business coaching to help our clients tackle non-marketing issues in their businesses.

What Kind of 1:1 Training Do I Get?

You will be assigned to a Marketing Trainer, who will guide you during your time with us. The first call is a Game Plan call, where we will map out an actionable game plan for you, based on where your business is right now and what your goals are. From there, you will have a dedicated 1:1 Zoom call every 2 weeks with your marketing trainer. He or she will help you build and run your marketing machine, one step at a time.

What Other Support Do I Get?

In between those 1:1 calls, you have unlimited email, phone, and Zoom access to your trainer and our entire team. We are here to help you win.

In addition to that, we have 3 group support and Q&A calls every week, which you may attend as needed.

On top of that, we have a monthly Video Training call, to help you with all things video.

And you will get a monthly, small group business coaching call with an active contracting company owner, to guide you through some non-marketing related challenges.

We also have a private Facebook group, where you can share your wins, get your questions answered, and learn and grow with other like-minded contracting company leaders.

What Type of Marketing Do You Train On?

Good question! We help you build a marketing machine in your roofing company. If you haven’t watched the video above, that’s a good overview.

We guide each of our clients to create a macro marketing game plan, which includes a brand strategy, long-term objectives, budgeting, tracking, and team accountability.

From there, each client journey is customized. We work with you week in and week out to attack your game plan and build a more amazing roofing company.

Do You Train On Anything In Addition To Marketing?

Glad you asked! We do. While marketing is super important (essential), we realize there are a multitude of challenges that arise when running and growing a contracting company.

For this reason, we have an active roofing company owner on our team. He has built an 8-figure contracting company, has it running with a leadership team, and invests his time into coaching our clients on various business systems and processes.

We have monthly, small-group leadership growth calls and support in between calls, to help you with whatever you need.

What Size Companies Join This Program?

We like to say that size doesn’t matter. We have clients in our program that are startups, looking to hit their first $1 Million year. And we have companies that do $100+ Million a year.

The roofing companies that join us are the ones that don’t want to outsource their brand-building, customer-generation, and recruiting. They want to take control of their brand, take control of their ability to generate their own customers, and take control of their future.

One thing that all of our clients have in common is someone (whether it’s the owner or someone else) committed to working on marketing 6-10+ hours per week to be successful.

But I've Been Burned On Marketing Before!

We know! Everyone has. Including us. Most roofing companies fail with marketing because they don’t understand it, and they hire a marketer or a marketing agency to do it all for them.

Most marketing agencies don’t know what they’re doing. And even if they do, they don’t understand your company, your culture, your people, your brand, your mission, your market, and your services the way you do.

This is why it’s essential in today’s world for every roofing company to create and distribute its own brand building content and have its own system for generating customers – with consistency and predictability.

How Can I Learn More?

Click this link to set up a time to hop on Zoom someone here on our team. We will ask you a few questions to get a feel for your business and your goals, walk you through our program, and have a no-pressure conversation to discuss if this is something that would add a lot of value to your business and your life.

Create Your Foundation

We work with you to get clear on your business and marketing goals, so we can start with the end in mind, and create an actionable game plan to get you from where you are to where you want to be. This includes getting clear on your vision, your ideal projects, ideal clients, and what type of company and culture you desire to build.

Engaging Content

Once we identify your ideal prospective clients, we guide you on creating content that gets their attention and differentiates your roofing company. Content is a combination of brand awareness, lead gen, lead nurturing, and recruiting content. We have a heavy focus on video content, so get ready!

Content Distribution

We don't want you to create awesome content that no one is going to see. We need to make sure your market is seeing your content and your offers. We guide you through building and launching your own social media campaigns (Facebook & Instagram) so you can reach tens of thousands of people in your market in a targeted way and at a reasonable budget. Your ads are designed to get you new high quality leads and customers coming to you, instead of you chasing them.

Tracking & Optimizing

One thing that most companies are missing with their marketing is a sense of what's working and what's not working. We help you set up a tracker, so you can track your ad results down to the dollar and the day. On top of that, you'll learn how to make educated decisions based on your marketing data, so you can scale your marketing effectively.


Everyone's favorite topic! We will help you build a lead-handling, follow-up, and nurture system in your company, so you can maximize the percentage of leads you turn into appointments, and the percentage of appointments you turn into signed contracts. We want you to have a complete marketing system, not just a lead gen system.

Leadership & Business Coaching

We understand that there are business challenges not related to marketing. To help you build a well-rounded business and evolve as a leader, we provide small group coaching sessions, led by active successful contracting company owners. This is also a fun and rewarding way of building a community of like-minded leaders.

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