14. Best Source for Exclusive, High-Quality Roofing Leads

Sep 10, 2020

Do you need high-quality roofing leads?

The answer is Yes and also No…

Leads are a way to get business but let’s keep in mind the actual goal of lead generation- growing your company.

The problem with buying from lead aggregators is that the leads have no idea who you are. And once those leads are in your hands, you not only have to sell a roof…

You have to show them who your company is and why they should pay your price.

This can be necessary as a new company that needs to get some money, any money, coming in…

But if you’re still buying leads as an established roofing business, you may actually be hurting the lifespan of your company.

So what do you do instead?

Joseph Hughes and Tim Conley team up today to discuss what the better solution is for growing your business.

You’ll hear topics such as:
– Growing your own high-quality roofing leads
– Getting in front of the right people
– How to use Facebook to your advantage

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