162. Run A Successful Business AND Be Fit & Healthy

Jun 30, 2023

Running a business is hard. Being a leader is hard. But, too often, we make things harder on ourselves because we neglect our health and wellness.

Cole Taylor is here to teach us how to be a successful leader AND be fit and healthy at the same time. YES… you can have it all!

The insights that Cole shares in this interview are shockingly simple and accessible to anyone. No extreme diets. No working out for hours every day. Just simple, practical habits that produce the desired results we want.

Tune Into This Interview To Learn:

  • Why getting your mindset right is the first step
  • Why most health and fitness initiatives don’t last (Fruits & Roots)
  • The importance of striving for progress over perfection
  • The identity shift we need to make to become the person we want to become
  • The small things no one sees become the big things everyone wants
  • The 4M life strategy Cole follows and encourages all of us to follow

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