27. How to Build a More Profitable Roofing Company by Building a Brand

Jul 14, 2021

What does it take to build a brand that not only makes your roofing company a household name in your local area, but makes your company more profitable?

Check out this raw interview with Joe Ayler of Tar Heel Construction Group LLC in Maryland.

Joe and his team have CONSISTENTLY put in the effort to build Know, Like, and Trust in their local area, which has enabled them to:

📌 Grow consistently and profitably, year in and year out.
📌 Spend less on marketing, and still increase their closing ratio and profit 📌 Attract and retain top quality sales reps & employees
📌 Be in complete control of their own growth

Not many roofing companies have done as good of a job as Tar Heel in building a strong brand.

I’m sure everyone can learn at least a thing or two from Joe!

Joe Ayler 
Tar Heel Construction Group
(410) 638-7021

Joseph Hughes 
Contractor Dynamics
(732) 733-2390