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“I wanted to get in front of people, and I did not have the knowledge that I needed.”
Aaron joined our marketing training program to access our proven, industry-specific, step-by-step process for geo-targeting neighborhoods with ads, creating engaging videos, and creating a predictable pipeline.


“Thanks to Joseph and Contractor Dynamics, I have finally figured out how to dial my FB ads in and actually get leads, like instantly. I would recommend his program to any roofer, large or small.”


A fast-growing roofing company with 3 locations, Pro Roofing has a robust canvassing and door-knocking system. They are now able to also generate inbound leads and appointments from the video ads they run in select neighborhoods.


Ryan Groth of Sales Transformation Group shares his insights on the importance of building a predictable marketing machine to complement your predictable selling machine.

Success Stories & Testimonials

CLIENT TESTIMONIAL: Geremiah Gilliland

From being skeptical about marketing to having a record sales year. Geremiah was a believer after he ran a simple cell phone video ad and got 23 roof replacement jobs from it.


Went from being a sales rep to starting his own roofing company. Implemented our digital sales training and got a 20-30X ROI within a few months.


Josh was very uncomfortable posting on social media, but then he just started following our training, and trusting the process. In the first 30-45 days, he got 15-20 residential contracts, a 75 square slate roof, and one commercial project.


Eric’s 50+ year old roofing company recently expanded into two states, won a national award for fastest growth, and is about to open up his third office in a new state. Eric values the customized marketing guidance he and his team received to really help them build their brand digitally.


Angelica is the Director of Marketing for Young Construction. She collaborates with ownership and with the sales team to produce marketing campaigns that enable their sales team to close more appointments for more profit.


From Day 1, Hunter has invested in digital and social media marketing to build a recognizable brand in the markets they serve. He doesn’t want his sales teams going into appointments cold. Their marketing creates brand awareness, warm appointments, and profitable contracts.


Nick had to put his marketing on pause because his sales team was overwhelmed with appointments and estimates. He has gone from one location to operating in several states.


Lindsey is the Marketing Director for a fast-growing roofing company in the Midwest. She joined our training program her first week on the job, and her “team-based marketing” approach has had a big impact on the company’s growth.


Roque is a student! He consistently publishes videos and photos from his jobs, provides valuable content for realtors and property owners, and gets several inquiries for his services daily.


Consistency is key for Jim and his team. They got out of their comfort zones, started producing videos, and immediately saw their inbound leads increase as a result. Jim is an example of an owner who is not front and center on their videos, as their sales guys have embraced the opportunity!


Paul and his team produce some awesome organic (unpaid) content. But he knew there was a piece he was missing. From our training, he’s been able to implement that missing piece (the paid ads) and within a couple weeks is generating leads and appointments for his team.

To Answer Some of Your Questions...

How does Roofing Sales Accelerator work?

Think of Roofing Sales Accelerator as your done-with-you marketing school.  You have access to online training that teaches you our system for digitally farming a community for leads AND you can go at your own pace.

AND you can get direct help from your instructors on writing ad copy, a video script, or even a technical issue inside Facebook Business Manager.

You have access to your instructors for 10 weeks and access to the training materials for a year — even the updates we regularly add.

What if it isn't right for me or one of my team members?

Never gonna happen. 😀  But if you don’t think Roofing Sales Accelerator is a fit, you can cancel your enrollment at any time.  You will receive a full refund if you cancel within the first 30 days.

If you have a team membership, you can cancel the entire plan or remove individual team members who aren’t participating.

What is the skill level of this training?

Roofing Sales Accelerator is designed to take someone from zero to hero.  Many of our students are complete marketing beginners.

About 25% of our students have been intermediate marketers who get fresh insights and further optimization of their digital advertising.

How long does the training take to complete?

Roofing Sales Accelerator is 10 weeks of live training. Each week you get access to your instructor to help you create your first digital advertising campaign.

You could go through the course materials in a couple days, but we recommend that you don’t go through more than one module per day so that you can study it and not simply consume it.

Over the 10 weeks, you will gain a deeper understanding of how the course materials fit with your marketing needs.

Can I enroll multiple team members? Is there a discount?

Yes!  We’re really passionate about empowering entire teams with the Roofing Sales Accelerator process. To enroll multiple people from your company schedule an enrollment call with us by clicking one of the buttons on this page.  Or email: TEAM@CONTRACTORDYNAMICS.COM and ask about our per member special pricing for teams.

Can I get my company to pay for Roofing Sales Accelerator?

Many companies are enrolling their employees and even contract sales reps into Roofing Sales Accelerator to have multiple people trained to drive business through digital marketing.

We suggest that you have your employer join you and our marketing advisors on an enrollment call to see if the program is a fit for you and your company.

What do I get when I enroll?

You get our 6 module online course with worksheets, weekly live instructor training, our course library to get more digital marketing knowledge, and membership for 10 weeks in our private PRO Facebook group.

Do I get an instructor?

YES! This is the key to your Roofing Sales Accelerator success. Going through courses, even one as good as ours, can’t give you specific advice and instruction for you.

Our instructors are there to give you implementation guidance on any of your digital marketing issues such as content ideas, video scripts, tools, apps and gear to make marketing easier.

When are the live training sessions?

We host several topic-specific Zoom calls every week. These live calls are hosted by Joe or an expert Roofing Sales Accelerator instructor. All members are welcome to join in and get their questions answered and discuss digital marketing “best practices” with your classmates. Sometimes we introduce new concepts and demonstrate marketing tools and tactics.

Do you record the live sessions?

Yes we do! Barring any technical difficulties, we will post the recordings of the live sessions in the Roofing Sales Accelerator content library. We reserve the right to edit and post partial sessions if we think it’ll make the recording more useful to students.

How does payment work?

We offer two payment options: one is with credit card or via bank transfer if this is preferred. For bank transfer please get in touch with us at team@contractordynamics.com and we will guide you on next steps.

You can get a discount with a single payment, but we do offer payment terms for smaller roofing companies.


Founder & Lead Marketing Trainer at Contractor Dynamics

After growing up in his family’s construction business, Joe started Contractor Dynamics in 2012 to serve the marketing needs of the construction industry. After running marketing campaigns for hundreds of roofing and contracting companies, Joe and his team now help roofing companies harness the power of Facebook Advertising to grow and scale their businesses through the Roofing Sales Accelerator training program.

  • Joe has been serving the contracting industry since 2012 and has worked with hundreds of companies.
  • Contractor Dynamics has helped growth-minded companies generate millions in additional revenue and profit.
  • Joe is a husband, father of two, and an avid runner and fitness enthusiast.

A Quick Overview of The Process

Develop Your Ad Strategy

We work with you to develop your Facebook marketing strategy, based on the goals you have for your company.  We help you identify the gap between where you are and where you want to be, and build a Game Plan to close that gap quickly.

Create Your Ad Campaign

We walk you through our proven process for creating a winning Facebook Ad Campaign. Our process follows a unique formula to create ads that are designed to get your ideal prospects to take actions. (Hook, Problem, Credibility, Solution, Call To Action)

Launch Your Targeted FB Ads

We guide you through setting up your targeted FB ads to reach high quality customers. We focus our metrics on ROI and Conversions to ensure you get the best results possible. Your ads are designed to get you new high quality leads and customers coming to you, instead of you chasing them.

Optimize & Manage Campaigns

We teach you how to analyze and optimize your ad campaigns to ensure they get the highest quality leads and best sales results possible. Additionally, we work with you to increase your ROI and scale your ads effectively.