165. How To Build A High Performance Team

Jul 20, 2023

How do you grow a business beyond the founder’s hustle?

How do you create an organizational structure and role clarity in your organization?

How do you get everyone on your team on the same page and rowing in the same direction?

How do you develop leaders within your organization?

In this Behind The Scenes BTS discussion, Elizabeth Lytle and Joseph Hughes open up and share how they are building their high-performance team at Contractor Dynamics.

Tune In To Learn:

  • The operating structure that helps them build their team and company.
  • How Elizabeth and Joseph prioritize communication.
  • Why your unwillingness to have tough conversations is holding you back.
  • How Joseph and Elizabeth hold one another accountable (and why accountability is an underrated superpower)
  • Why surrounding yourself with trusted advisors is critical.

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