166. Why Getting Clear on Your Why Will Change the Game

Jul 20, 2023

Are you facing challenges while building a brand? Most people are!

In this episode we discuss practical, and surprising, tips a social media influencer utilizes for creating MASSIVE impact and connection.

What’s really cool is that the repetition and consistent practice that building a brand requires will truly change you and your team from the inside out.

Elizabeth Lytle, Integrator for Contractor Dynamics, sits down with USMC Logistics Officer, Jackie Barnum to discuss building a brand, getting clear on your why, and utilizing social media to make life changing connections.

Tune In To Learn:

  • The tips Jackie recommends for building an influencer brand on social.
  • How Jackie prioritizes targeted content creation alongside her Marine Corps work.
  • How and why to get your team excited about creating valuable content.
  • Why getting clear on your WHY and your Ideal audience is vital for engagement on social media and growth of your team.
  • Why surrounding yourself with coaches and mentors is critical for your team health.

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