5. No More 100-Hour Workweeks

Jul 09, 2020

“Your lifestyle should be able to dictate how your business operates.” As said by Zach Blenkinsopp, owner of Digital Roofing Innovations, who joined us for today’s episode.

Too many business owners in this industry feel stuck working 100-hour workweeks. They take any job that comes their way… just so they can get by.

Zach shares practical tips on how he was able to:

  • cut his hours down
  • run his Alabama-based company from Mexico
  • and bring on fewer, bigger clients.

Listen in to discover how he built relationships with multi-family management companies, allowing his business to grow while cutting the $20K/month overhead.

You’ll walk away not only with Zach’s success story, but with habits and principles to help you grow your own business. (Hint: implementation is key.)