22. Inside a (Future) Billion Dollar Roofing Company

Mar 13, 2021

How do you build a Billion Dollar Roofing Company? 🤔

Josh Jerge hasn’t done it yet, but he’s on his way 📈

SmartRoof – Roofing & Solar did $60 Million in revenue in 2020, just their fifth year in business, and they’re on track to double that this year 💥

Tune in to this in-depth interview to get a front-row seat to the thought process of one of our clients, Smart Roof owner Josh Jerge, as he puts the chess pieces together to build such a successful and quickly growing company that’s positively impacting not only their local markets, but changing the lives of their team members.

We covered a lot in this interview, including:

✅ Where most roofing companies get stuck (and how to break through)

✅ What Josh does on a daily basis that allows Smart Roof to double each year (hint: he’s not on the roof)

✅ Why modeling other roofing companies may actually be holding you back.

✅ How to structure your sales team compensation and responsibilities to retain more high quality team members.

✅ Where to find top quality people to support your growth.

✅ The #1 thing we can all do this year to make sure we hit our targets. When they say to work ON your business and not IN your business, watching this video and implementing a few key things is a high-value ‘ON the business’ exercise.

We’d love to hear – what’s your biggest takeaway from this interview❓

Josh Jerge
Smart Roof